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ProconnectPAY is fully committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 - Our work ensures inclusive and equitable quality education whilst promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.
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Build & Design
Our goal is to become the Amazon of Education Financing in Africa - We work with choice financial institutions to drive access to quality and inclusive education.
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Build & Design
ProconnectPAY is dedicated to enabling access to inclusive global and quality education that guarantees global mobility for the African Continent's Brightest HOPE.
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We believe that education is a worthy investment - it remains a game-changer for the most indigent children out there - ProconnectPAY is committed to their future through its several edufinancing products
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In Africa, we invest in providing affordable edufinancing that makes it possible for high-potential Africans to access quality education, high-demand skills training, and professional certifications within Africa.
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We work with our Global Financing Partner that provides the initial International Student Loan and EduInvestment that enables our candidates pursue an education to the United States or Canada. ProconnectPAY supported Candidates are individuals who have spent an average of 5-months going through the rigorous weekly mentoring, career advisory, mindset re-orientation, and innovation and start-up culturing ProconnectPAY instils in her candidates.

Our processes are dedicated to moulding our candidates to be firm in character (good behaviour) and firm in the results (excellence) they bring to the table. Our Candidates are given a clear mandate to test their start-up ideas during their Academic Program, get connected to co-founders and a start-up team, and work towards the simple GOAL of building a Minimum Viable Product that can be BETA-TESTED in the market then work towards an outcome of raising initial venture capital to pilot their operations at the end of their Academic Program in any part of the World particularly in Africa.


As an Education and Innovation Incubator, we own 10% of any created and launched start-up within our Network for the initial services provided through our mentoring. The initial capital raise is used to repay the Initial Education Finance Investment gotten from our Financial Institution Partner, MPOWER Financing

General Important Updates & FAQs

  • Is this a Loan Product?

Yes, this is an international Student Loan Product, you are expected to repay the Loan.

  • How much International Student Loan can I get for a two-year program?

Each applicant can get a loan up to 100,000 USD for a two-year program.

  • What is the Interest Rate on the International Student Loan Provided?

For post-graduate loans to the United States or Canada, the interest per annum is charged at 11.99% whilst for undergraduate loans to the United States or Canada, the interest per annum is charged at 13.99%. For any candidate going to the United Kingdom and other European countries, we work in, the interest per annum is charged at between 7-11%. 

  • Who can apply for these LOANS?

Kindly note that prospective candidates willing to apply for our International Student Loans to countries outside of the United States or Canada, you must earn minimum annual salary of USD 70,000 in your local currency. You are only eligible if you work as a Senior Manager or C-suite Executive in a BLUE-CHIP Multinational or Supra-National Company that has over 1,000 Employees. We encourage folks to apply for the United States or Canada if you do not meet this basic requirement for the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • How does the repayment plan work?

Approved applicants will not begin to repay the principal until 6-12 months after graduation. Anyone taking the loan is mostly expected to stay back in your country of study, get a job, earn a salary, and begin to repay back the loan. Repayment can be spread between 7-20 years dependent on the country of study. This is only applicable to the United States and Canada.

  • Will I be paying the interest on the loan immediately?

Yes, you will need to start paying the interest on the loan 45 days after disbursement. For candidates going to Europe, you are not mandated to repay the interest on the loan as a student.

  • How do I make money to repay the interest on the loan?

International Students are encouraged to look for part-time student jobs in the United States or Canada where interest repayment is applicable to enable them earn income that can be used to service the interest on the loan. In cases where family members can repay the interest, a student has no obligation to make money whilst studying. Candidates going to countries outside of the United or Canada are not mandated to get part-time jobs to repay the interest on the loan.

  • Do we require a collateral, or co-signor (guarantor) to qualify for a loan?

No, you do not need a collateral, co-signor, or guarantor to QUALIFY FOR the LOAN.

  • What class of degree does our International Student Loan support?

We work with students that have a first-class, second-class upper, second-class lower-class and third-class degrees from a recognized University. We also support Graduates of African Polytechnics (HND Holders).

  • Is it compulsory that we apply to the partner schools identified on your website?

Yes, we work with over 1,200 schools across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium alongside other countries.

  • Can I use any type of course to apply for a loan?

We encourage applicants to apply for courses that are commercially relevant that guarantees job opportunities and a great salary. Courses around Business, Technology, Sciences, Health, Health Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Law/Public Policy tied to Technology and Business Finance. We recommend courses to prospective students once you become a member of the ProconnectPAY EMIGRATE Network. These recommendations are data gotten from current candidates and members of the ProconnectPAY EMIGRATE Network.

  • Do I need a standardized exam or English language test score to qualify for a Loan?

Kindly note that we encourage Prospective Candidates to choose Universities that do not require GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL. It saves cost and it saves time.

  • Will a free visa support letter be issued?

Yes, a free visa support letter will be given to aid your application for a visa in your country. The same letter of support will also be given to enable prospective candidates get their 1-20 or other visa documentation from the school who has offered an admission. This is contingent upon our conditional approval when candidates meet our lending criteria.

  • Will the cost of flight out of my country be covered via this Loan?

ProconnectPAY will provide a soft-loan stipend that covers basic expenses like departure, rent for one-month, and feeding for one-month pending when you resume in the United States or Canada and register yourself on campus, so your loan is disbursed to your school.

  • How do I begin this process of getting an International Student Loan?

First step is joining the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network. Once you are onboarded, we will begin your loan application process immediately.

  • Will the International Student Loan be paid to me?
    No, we will disburse monies directly to your school. We will work out the details of how you access the living cost portion of your loan once you are settled in your school. You won’t have access to any of the approved loans until you resume your education and register yourself on campus.
  • Fulfilling registration and payment requirements including formal onboarding in one of our weekly webinar sessions (Undergraduates and Post-graduate Members pay an annual subscription of 47.37 US Dollar whilst Ivy League Members pay an annual subscription of 118.43 US Dollar).
  • Payment can be made here on click (Embed the Link) https://emigrate.proconnectpay.com/
  • After payment, chat our WhatsApp Customer Relations BOT (Elda) here on Click: https://bit.ly/emigrantscustomerrelations with payment proof – Embedded Link
  • As a member of the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network, you are entitled to one year of unlimited access to the value we provide to prospective candidates interested in studying abroad including qualifying to apply for our International Student Loan.
  • Kindly note that paying to be part of the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network does not guarantee you visa approval, admission to any of the Universities we work with across the World, or even getting approved for a loan if you intentionally omit information or not follow our advice as directed.
  • Our processes within the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network ensures that your chances of getting a visa to any of the countries our partner universities are located, admission to our partner universities, and more importantly an International Student Loan increases by 70%.
  • All our processes are DONE REMOTELY. We do not entertain walk-ins except in rare cases where you are instructed to come into our offices. You will also have access to our Education Counsellors that would guide you in the process of applying for an International Student Loan.
  • As a member of the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network, it is mandated that you attend our WEEKLY MENTORING SESSIONS BY 05:00 PM EVERY WEDNESDAY to get you visa-prepared and visa-approved.
  • Join ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network and Fulfil the terms and CONDITIONS
  • A dedicated Education Manager from PROCONNECTPAY is assigned to YOU
  • Attend weekly MENTORING WEBINAR SESSION for Members of the ProconnectPAY ‘EMIGRATE ’ Network
  • Admission SEEKING PROCESS commences with our Guidance
  • Loan Application PROCESS commences with our Guidance, and it is SUBMITTED
  • Admission is EARNED, Loan is APPROVED and DISBURSED directly to the School
  • Commence Education in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and 12 other applicable Countries as at when DUE.

You can see the list of school by clicking the link here.

  1. African Undergraduates with a DESIRE to complete an Undergraduate Education in the United States or Canada (African Undergraduate must be currently enrolled in 200 Level and wants to transfer abroad to complete the 2 years LEFT of his or her Undergraduate Education)
  2. African University Graduate Entrepreneurs and Employees below 50 years of AGE with a desire to RELOCATE abroad through a 2-year master’s degree Education to all the 15 Countries we work with (First Class and Second-Class degree Holders are eligible to apply based on our initial assessment)
  3. African Polytechnic Graduates below 30 years old can pursue a 2-years Undergraduate Education to the United States or Canada. African Polytechnic Graduates between 31 – 50 years old can apply for our Canadian Post-graduation Education as a prelude to another one-year Masters in Canada.
  4. African University Graduate Entrepreneurs and Employees with a third-class degree or an extremely low-rated 2.2 automatically qualify for our one-year post-graduate education in Canada or the United States as an optional prelude to another one-year masters in Canada or the United States.
  5. African High-Income Earners that earn a minimum of 70,000 USD per annum and work with a BLUE-CHIP Company with over 1,000 Employees qualify for our Ivy League Loan targeted at Ivy League Business Schools in Europe/United Kingdom.

Through our WhatsApp BOT (Elda), Click on the WhatsApp Icon Through our weekly webinars every Thursdays from 11:30 am and Saturdays from 04:00 pm. Or REGISTER HERE.

Start Your Educational Journey Now!

Any membership fee payment made to ProconnectPAY will not be refunded or reimbursed except in rare cases where your account was debited twice for the same membership fee payment. It is advisable to clearly understand our terms and conditions before joining the ProconnectPAY Professional Mentoring Program for High-potential Individuals through its ProconnectPAY JAPA/EMIGRATE PROGRAM.