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I want to use this opportunity to thank the entire staff of proconnectPAYJAPA Network especially Elda Kehinde for making my japa dream a reality.
I stumbled on proconnectPAY JAPA Network ad.on Facebook and I decided to give it a trial,after few weeks of joining and attending mentoring sessions,my admission letter to Michigan technological University master’s in Health Informatics and my loan support letter came through and I was convinced that proconnectPAY JAPA Network is real.
I stepped up to visa application level and with Elda mentoring sessions again, guidance and support I got my visa approved…GOD be praise.


Graduate Student, USA

Michigan technological University Health Informatics

I, Ima Emmanuel Etuk got my F1 Visa to study Master’s in Human Resource Analytics at Montclair State University New Jersey, United State of America within three (3) months of registering with ProconnectPAY.

I recommend and do appreciate the excellent and professional services rendered by ProConnectPAY
At first, I wasn’t sure if any of the information relayed to me was true, but I took that bold step and today, this is my recommendation or testimonial: Do NOT hesitate anymore, take this chance, become one of the high-potential individuals of Africa which in return you will earn and contribute professionally either in the United State or Canada. Register today.


HR Analytics, USA

Montclair State University New Jersey

Sometime in May 2022, a dear friend who has been with me throughout my unsuccessful applications/travel plans sent me a link from ProconnectPay, but I didn’t really pay attention to it. After about a month, someone else sent me the same link, so I reluctantly opened it, read the long content and decided to join the career meeting. Well, I was really impressed by the energy and versed knowledge of the anchor. I was particularly amazed when I discovered that the amount I needed to pay was ridiculous compared to the quality of service I was going to gain. I quickly jumped at it. Followed through the entire process diligently and six months down the line, everything I desired in the last 3-years became my reality. Currently in the US pursuing a program in MBA. ProconnectPay in addition to helping you fulfill your dreams, also inculcate in you the right attitude to attain enviable heights in the corporate world internationally.

One good thing that happened to me in the year 2022 is joining Proconnectpay. The grooming and nurturing I got from ProconnectPay Edu Fintech gave my career a competitive edge and shaped my aspirations and ambitions to a global standard. The webinars are top-notch and can not be compared with any other Edu platforms. With the education and Mentoring from Elda and his team, I got admitted to 3 top universities in the US after one month of joining ProconnectPay. I’m now in the US pursuing my dreams and working on my goals. A Big Thank you to ProconnectPay Edu fintech. They are the Best


MS Data Analytics

Nova Southeastern University, Florida, USA

At first, I was not sure of making an headway with my career dreams and aspirations with ProconnectPAY because I stumbled on the advertisement on Facebook. I was startled to see how everything worked out within a few weeks with simple instructions from our coach/dedicated Manager and the entire ProconnectPAY team. Now I look forward to my future as a Global Health Leader as I have earned an Admission to the Valparaiso University to study for an Msc. Public Health.


Incoming Msc. Public Health Candidate

Valparaiso University, Indiana

I got into the ProconnectPAY JAPA Network with an uncertainty because they were obviously new and hadn’t done this before but my doubts were cleared when I had an opportunity to be guided by Elda on how to pitch myself for an admission which eventually led to my admission at the Adephi University in New York where I will be studying an Msc. Business Analytics. The mentoring sessions has helped in building my confidence and this is a result of the direct affirmations we get in ProconnectPAY.


Incoming MSc. Candidate, Business Analytics

Adelphi University, New York

I should also take the time to thank you. Your letter of recommendation is the best I have seen in a very long while. Very detailed. Very precise. If I am to be completely honest, I was puzzled why you would want a meeting in order to write a recommendation. In my mind, why couldn’t you have just written a generic one? When she sent both letters to me, however, it was immediately clear to me the thoroughness and quality you put in.


Incoming Msc. Candidate, Health Informatics

Michigan Technological University

I paid close to half a million for her program 400k plus just to get my dreams come true but at the end of the program in a 3weeks I didn’t get what I got today from ProconnectPAY. I am glad to have heard of this ProconnectPAY platform.


Prospective Candidate LLM, Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Seattle University